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Rose Care


The Healthy Rose Checklist

Ventilation ­ air circulation helps to keep foliage healthy. Do not overcrowd your roses.

Vigour ­ strong growing roses are often more fungus resistant. Feed and water well. 

Vigilance ­ keep an eye open for problems and act quickly if you see any.

Hygiene ­ do not leave old foliage or prunings on the soil around your roses. 

Environment ­ dry at the roots and cool in the air = Mildew.  Wet leaves overnight = Blackspot. 

Selection ­ observe which rose is first to succumb to disease: uproot it and dispose of it. 

Rose Without Fungicide Spray

No rose is totally resistant to the fungi such as blackspot and mildew that sometimes live on rose 

Here is our Check List for non-fungicide
gardeners. (For limited use of fungicide, see the Sensible Spray Programme, below).

No-Spray Checklist

Buy 5 Star varieties from a reliable supplier - let the head rule the heart!

Seek out and try organic remedies

Plant companion plants said to deter pests such as Catmint (Nepeta) and Garlic

Feed and water to promote natural vigour

Practice garden hygiene: remove old foliage or prunings

Be willing to tolerate a low level of infection, particularly late in the season

Remove infected foliage and plants that succumb to disease, and destroy by burning

Avoid planting near old roses that are already infected by fungi

Allow enough space: air circulation aids healthy foliage

Avoid wetting foliage in the evening: spores may breed overnight in water droplets

Replace roses before they get too old. After about 10 years they begin to decline

Observe which rose is first to succumb to disease: uproot it and dispose of it.

The Sensible Spray Program

Modern roses are bred for better resistance to the fungi that might use rose leaves as host. However fungi are able to gradually evolve more competitive strains. The fungi are also aided by our increasingly sulphur-free air, a reduction in ambient fungicide from which they clearly benefit as much as we do.

For extra security in case of severe local infestations or when growing varieties that are rated 3 Stars or lower, it is wise to protect foliage by spraying against pests and 

Some fungicide products are recommended for application frequency that is difficult or undesirable to sustain. Our programme is a compromise that may reduce the effectiveness of proprietary products. Our advice is simple:

Spray Whenever There is a New Flush of Growth, Thus Giving Some Protection to New Leaves

Use a product recommended for the purpose and follow the safety precautions on the label.

Spray new growth in late spring at the full-leaf stage

Spray just before first flowering Spray each time there is a new burst of leafy growth

Observe which rose is first to succumb to disease: uproot it and dispose of it

Keep alert for problems.

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