Harkness Advice and Rose Care

Advice And
Rose Care

Taking Delivery of Bare Root Roses

It is best to plant as soon as convenient after taking delivery.

However, if conditions such as flooding or freezing prevent immediate planting, the roses can survive storage in a cold place for up to 3 weeks.

To maintain moisture during storage, open packaging and sprinkle water around the roots, then re-seal.

Repeat the moistening procedure once per week during storage.

To avoid drying out, packaging must be re-sealed during storage after moistening.

For periods of storage in excess of 3 weeks, the roses should be planted temporarily by heeling them into a trench and firming crumbly soil around the roots.

Taking Delivery of Potted Roses

There is less urgency to plant potted roses.

If watered daily, planting can be delayed indefinitely.

Advice for handling and planting potted roses is enclosed with the package.

Soil Preparation

Given reasonable soil, a sunny position and an adequate supply of water, roses grow easily.

Prepare the soil by digging, taking the opportunity to add fertiliser and organic matter. (6X provides both).

The roses will be well-fed right from the start; and the improved soil texture will aid root initiation.

Planting Procedures

Low temperatures don¹t normally harm roses, but soil is impossible to work when it's frozen solid.

Avoid planting in water-logged soil: compression of saturated soil damages soil structure.

Mark out the planting positions, using string and bamboo canes.

When ready to plant, soak roots by submerging in cold water for 15 minutes.

If possible keep the roses in water right up until they are planted.

Plant according to the advice on the despatch note, paying special attention to depth.

Water copiously after planting. Continue watering during dry periods.

Delivery Problems

If anything appears wrong when roses are delivered telephone:

01462 420402

0044 (0) 1462 420402
(International or UK calls) for advice.

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