Top quality roses plants ready for despatch now

Look how beautiful Roses can be!

We are always told that a picture paints a thousand words. When we look at the beauty that nature provides us, I think it is so true that we often find it impossible to be as subtle as nature or to be as beautiful with words as we can with…

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Rose Varieties, Old & New

There are lots of Rose varieties from the past that we no longer produce. Why is this?Many of the favourite roses of our parents and grandparents from the 1970s or earlier no longer feature in the Harkness Roses catalogue. There are many reasons, but those were very different times. The major…

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Welcome to Harkness Roses

HiWelcome to the Harkness Roses online shop.Enjoy our website and hopefully our roses in your garden. If you have any questions, please ask us, either on line, email or by phone.All the best, Harkness Roses Team

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