How To Make Your Roses Thrive

Many people consider growing roses to be too difficult, too much hard work, or troublesome. And it is little wonder when you start to look through the many books and websites that seem to place a great deal of focus on pests, disease and problems.

But roses are not so dissimilar to humans - provide them with a healthy growing environment and they will thrive. They want to thrive! Leaving little need to search through the "problem" pages.

By comparing human needs with plant needs, we come to realise that growing roses is no more difficult than tending to our own basic human requirements. For example - our daily routine of feeding ourselves three good meals each day, (maybe with a few snacks in between) can be likened to that of the rose. Only instead of a daily routine, it is a yearly one - breakfast in early Spring, lunch in early Summer, dinner in late Summer, with a few top up snacks as required in between!


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