The foundations of a healthy rose

"Giving support to development and growth. Providing stability and nourishment. A safe and healthy environment to establish roots in order to thrive".

This statement could be applicable to both humans and plants. For roses, and most other plants - the foundation is soil. A good soil is imperative to growing a top quality plant. So what is a good soil? Fertile, with plenty of decayed organic material. This means well-rotted farmyard manure, which can be bought in bags from most garden centres, or the end product of your own garden compost. Soil preparation is key. So before your roses even come into contact with the soil, make sure it has been prepared by digging the area, incorporating organic material as you go and removing any weeds. Don't get too hung up on what type of soil you have. As long as you can dig it over, and add plenty of organic material, your roses will have their foundation!


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