Potted Roses

Almost the entire Harkness Collection is available Pot Grown.

We pot our Roses in Autumn and Spring. When you order Container Grown Roses from October to March they will be recently potted, so the root ball will not be fully established early in the season.

Pot Grown Roses will be in leaf from April onwards, and in bud and flower during the flowering season. After the first flowering we dead head the plants and they will return into flower later in the season. The pictures below show (from left to right) an early season (Late April) Pot Grown Rose, a Pot Grown Rose in the packing process and a mid-Summer Pot Grown Rose in bud and flower.

Our Container Grown Roses are grown in a 4.5 litre pot with a top quality compost with a slow release fertilizer to feed the plant in the first season.