The Royal’s Choice – The Coronation

Come May 6th, we’ll be welcoming Charles III to the throne with his Royal Coronation. How better to celebrate than by filling your home and garden with flowers?

Our new Monarch wholeheartedly supports the nation’s passion for gardening. In fact, he even believes in talking to our plants to help them grow!

So, today, I’m going to share with you 6 Royal roses to adorn your garden with this coronation. Whether you’re planning a celebratory party, or simply sit in your garden with friends and family alike. Harkness’ royally-named roses will transform your garden into a classically beautiful space, fit for royalty!

Queen Elizabeth II Rose

This regal hybrid tea rose was officially selected by Her late Majesty to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee. This is a classic rose, with flowers that seamlessly blend soft pink, light amber, gold and cream. This contrasts beautifully with the robust, dark green leaves that surround it. With its strong, sweet rose scent, you’ll soon see why our late majesty chose this rose to mark her momentous occasion. Grow this in your garden to please your senses and pay homage to our late Monarch as we welcome in the next. This looks lovely in rose borders, as well as pots and containers. And like our late majesty, it’s incredibly resilient. It copes well in poor soil types and windy, exposed spots.

Princess of Wales

Rose Princess of Wales

This rose was developed for Camilla Parker Bowles, former Princess of Wales, now Queen Consort. This elegant, ice-white flower carries a delightful scent and is one of the first roses to bloom. Once it begins blooming, it will be quick to repeat flower over the season. So, you can be sure you’ll get the most out of this regal rose. Plant it in mixed or rose borders for best effect! This is a rose our new Queen Consort should be thrilled with. Camila herself is known for her green thumb. Often seen sporting beautiful flowers in the press, however, also supporting floral based charities.

Royal William

Rose Royal William

This is a wonderfully eye-catching rose. It boasts velvety, scarlet blooms which produce a beautiful, distinctive scent. This rose will not go unnoticed during your coronation celebrations. With its stunning appearance and subtle perfume, this is one of the best available to gardeners. Grown best in full to partial sunlight, this rose is sure to add a pop of commanding colour to any pot, container, or border. Plus, this rose has a vigorous habit and brilliant disease resistance. Let’s hope the same can be said for our Prince!

English Princess

Rose English Princess

This rose is the stuff of fairy tales. A sweet-scented floribunda with glossy green foliage, and fantastic colour. The shell pink petals, with a hint of yellow on their underside, create a beautiful rose fit for any princess, and any castle, home, or garden. Consider adding this on to rose or mixed borders, pots, or containers. Just make sure it has full to partial sunlight. Luckily, this princess isn’t particular about soil type!

The Princes Trust

Rose The Princes Trust

This climbing rose is dedicated to ‘The Princes Trust’. A brilliant charity founded by King Charles III, created to help vulnerable young people get their lives back on track. This rose will add a bold splash of crimson to your garden, walls, fence, or arches. It enjoys full sunlight, and is happy facing any aspect. With its big blooms and long flowering period, this rose will keep your garden looking royal through summer and autumn.

Platinum Jubilee

Rose ‘Platinum Jubilee’

This brand-new rose variety was introduced for the Queen’s 96th birthday. This truly spectacular rose has a stunning, perfectly shaped head, packed with large hot pink petals. These sit beautifully alongside the rose’s deep green leaves. Plus, it carries a gorgeous subtle scent that lingers in the breeze. Perfect for beds, borders, and even hedges, these roses are sure to look regal in your garden this coronation. Just make sure you place them somewhere where their gorgeous scent won’t be missed!

So, if you’re looking to royally transform your garden this May, look no further than Harkness. These regal roses will create a vibrant, peaceful garden. A space perfect for hosting friends or family, or simply taking time for yourself this coronation.