Queen’s Favourite Flower

Queen Elizabeth had a wonderful love of flowers and gardening. Her love of roses was evident as they featured heavily in all six of her gardens and it is widely known that the Queen’s favourite flower was the Lily of the Valley.

Her wreath chosen by King Charles III was widely watched from all over the world during the poignant ceremony. It contained some of the Queen’s favourite flowers from around her various gardens.

Roses featured heavily in the wreath and some of our most popular roses have always been The Queen Elizabeth II Rose and the Rose Platinum Jubilee that was launched earlier in 2022.

The Queen Elizabeth II Rose

The Queen Elizabeth II Rose - Queens favourite flower

The Queen Elizabeth II Rose, officially selected by Her Majesty to mark the Platinum Jubilee. This stunning hybrid tea rose, bred by Harkness Roses, has been produced exclusively to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The rose has large classic shaped flowers which combine elements of soft pink light amber gold and cream, and strong sweet rose scent. The plant is strong and robust with big dark green leaves that have a good disease resistance.

Rose Platinum Jubilee

Rose Platinum Jubilee - Queen's favourite flower

Harkness Roses were proud to introduce this brand-new rose variety for the Queen’s 96th birthday in 2022. The stunning, perfectly shaped double blooms on this new rose are packed with large, rich pink petals stand out beautifully against the lush, deep green leaves.

A truly magnificent rose, the large, vibrant pink flowers have an incredibly powerful, sweet fragrance that will linger in the breeze. This compact shrub variety is a wonderful in beds and borders or even grown as hedging, but also very much at home in large planters, especially on terraces and porches where the fabulous scent can be admired close-up by everyone.

Planting one of these beautiful royal roses will serve as a delightful reminder of a wonderful lady who served her country with dignity. Whether you choose the Queen’s favourite flower or one that reminds of her beauty and grace, we have plenty of stunning roses to for you to choose from.

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