Launching the ‘Power to Pollinators’ RSPB Rose Collection

Have you ever dreamed of growing a garden filled with friendly, happy, and buzzing wildlife? Well, that dream can easily become a reality with a little help from our newly launched ‘Power to Pollinators’ range.

Working alongside the wonderful people at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), we are aiming to shine the light on the outstanding impact roses can have on the eco-system of our gardens.

This is because we grow our roses to be pollen-rich, giving them the ability to play a big role in the ever-important process of pollination.

Our roses also boast a long-flowering season, stretching across many months of summer, even into autumn, so bumblebees, beetles, hoverflies, and other pollinators have ample time to busily work their magic in your garden.

Be sure to plant an array of roses that each produce showy blooms with varying fragrances, colours, and shapes, as different pollinators are attracted to different floral features. Some are drawn towards strong perfumes, while a vibrant colour, like the peachy amber glow of Rose ‘Bridge of Sighs’, will grasp the attention of beetles and bumblebees.

We have worked alongside the RSPB to painstakingly produce a list of roses for the ‘Power to Pollinators’ collection, so you can enjoy an outdoor space teeming with wildlife in no time at all, while resting easy knowing you are doing your bit to help pollinating insects carry out their vital work.

A selection of roses makes up this new range, including former ‘Rose of the Year’ Starlight Symphony, the strongly-scented Rose Simple Yellow, and the fascinating shades of the ‘This Morning’ rose, among many others.

These roses are available to buy potted up, or as bare roots, which have been grown for 18 months before being lifted as they reach a dormant stage. These bare roots will still grow into beautiful and full roses after planting.  

To show our support for the RSPB’s remarkable efforts to save Britain’s wildlife, for every rose sold from the ‘Power to Pollinators’ collection, we will make a £2.50 donation to the charity. (Registered Charity in England and Wales no. 207076, Scotland no. SC037654) 

To be sure that a £2.50 donation is made in honour of your purchase, keep an eye out for the RSPB logo on the picture of the rose you have selected, as these are all part of the ‘Power to Pollinators’ range.

The RSPB is known as the largest nature conservation charity in the UK, consistently undertaking vital work to save and protect endangered habitats and species and helping to end the ongoing climate and nature emergency.  

The roses featured in this collection are as follows:

Rose ‘This Morning’ Patio – Rose This Morning 3L-4L potted | Harkness Roses

‘This Morning’ is a beautiful patio shrub that blooms with several pink petals that darken to a deeper maroon at the centre, acting as a bed for amber stamens.

Height/Spread: Up to 90x60cm Fragrance: Medium Blooms: June – October

Rose Simple Yellow Shrub – Rose Simple Yellow 3L-4L pot | Harkness Roses

A repeat flowering shrub rose with strongly fragrant yellow blooms that really standout from the crowd as they burst from dark green, glossy foliage throughout the summer months.

Height/Spread: Up to 120x60cm Fragrance: Strong Blooms: June – October

Rose Simple Gold Shrub – Rose Simple Gold 3L-4L potted | Harkness Roses

A remarkably rich golden colour shines from the semi-double flowers that repeatedly grow on this popular variety during the summer. The buds first open in red, before an impressive golden shade shines through.

Height/Spread: Up to 105x60cm Fragrance: Medium Blooms: June – October

Rose Simple Peach Shrub – Rose Simple Peach 3L-4L potted | Harkness Roses

The ‘simple’ part of this rose’s name refers to the five petals that grow on each bloom in a lovely peach to pink colour, with central yellow stamens. Large clusters of blooms erupt during summer, sometimes of up to 50 delicately fragrant flowers, coating the whole bush.

Height/Spread: 120x60cm Fragrance: Delicate Blooms: June – October

Rose Simple White (Keros) Shrub – Rose Simple White (Keros) 3L-4L potted | Harkness Roses

An outstanding shrub rose that produces big clusters of up to 11 blooms to create a long-lasting canopy of flowers. ‘Simple White’ boasts an abundance of fresh green leaves, adding garden interest even before the flowers come into summertime bloom.

Height/Spread: Up to 120x60cm Fragrance: Medium Blooms: June – October

Rose Bridge of Sighs Climbing – Rose Climbing Bridge of Sighs 3L-4L potted | Harkness Roses

Rose ‘Bridge of Sighs’ produces a show of bright peach blooms in a semi-double shape, which open wide in good-sized clusters. This is a versatile variety that looks great as a feature on a pergola or trellis, while equally making an impact when trained up a wall or fence.

Height/Spread: Up to 240x210cm Fragrance: Strong Blooms: June – October

Rose Starlight Symphony Climbing – Rose Climbing Starlight Symphony 3L-4L potted | Harkness Roses

As a previous winner of the coveted ‘Rose of the Year’ award, the pedigree of ‘Starlight Symphony’ is clear for all to see. This is a prolific flowering climbing rose with elegant and pure white flowers, emerging from green foliage.

Height/Spread: Up to 300x210cm Fragrance: Delicate Blooms: June – October

Rose The Simple Life Climbing – Rose Climbing Simple Life 3L-4L potted | Harkness Roses

Enjoy a beautiful show of single flowers with petals that glow in a beautiful peach to pink colour, surrounding amber yellow stamens and appearing from dark green foliage.

Height/Spread: 300x210cm Fragrance: Medium Blooms: June – October

Rose Simply Sally Patio – Rose Simply Sally 3L-4L pot | Harkness Roses

This rose produces a show of five petals per bloom throughout the warm summer months, including a delightful outer ring of rich rose pink, and an inner shade of buttercup yellow. The plant is known for growing dense and strong.

Height/Spread: Up to 60x60cm Fragrance: Delicate Blooms: June – October

The professionally raised roses featured in this new collection are available to order now at