Harkness – July – Best repeat flowering roses to grow

As we get into the full swing of summer, our gardens are blooming beautifully. If you choose repeat-flowering roses, you can ensure that your roses produce several flushes of flowers, from late spring up until the first frosts! Harkness have a wide range of gorgeous repeat-flowering roses to pick from. Here are my top ten favourites…

Rose Chandos Beauty

Rose Chandos Beauty is a delicate Hybrid Tea Rose. It boasts an apricot centre that melts into creamy pink petals. With a neat, symmetrical bloom, this rose will add an air of beauty and sophistication to any garden. Plus, they promise a strong and impressive fragrance. So, this rose isn’t just a repeat pleasure for the eyes, but for the nose, too! Whether you’re planting in borders, pots, or containers, this rose favours a sunny position, and will thrive in all soil types.

Rose Diamond Days 

If you’re looking to brighten up your garden with a lighter flower, The Rose Diamond Days is a real beauty. The light creamy blooms that graduate into a lemon centre will help brighten darker areas of the garden and create the illusion of more space. Plus, it’s the perfect present for those celebrating their Diamond wedding anniversary! These neat and tidy blooms often grow in clusters of three, with a grand display of petals pushing outwards. This rose will also infuse your garden with a strong and sweet fragrance, from late spring to the first frosts. This is an excellent garden plant, particularly for beds and borders.

Rose Rosemary Harkness 

This rose has a unique identity with warm blends of clementine orange and a peachy pink. Like warm embers of a fire, these will create fresh, yet cosy, corners of the garden. You can also mix them amongst other colourful flowers in borders for a colourful display. It boasts a magnificent perfume, which can be enjoyed inside the house as a cut flower, or in garden borders, all summer long! This rose also looks gorgeous in pots and containers. Just make sure you position it somewhere that you won’t miss out on the fragrance. 

Rose Dame Deborah James

A stunning white rose, with a pearl pink centre, this rose has been named in honour of the late Dame Deborah James. Deborah was best known for raising awareness of cancer, having been diagnosed with her own incurable form, in 2016. Like Deborah, this rose’s beauty is unbeaten. Delicate, unassuming, yet unafraid to make a statement, this rose stands as a symbol of determination, and seeing beauty in the bleak. Sold as an established 5-litre pot, £2.50 from the sale of each Dame Deborah James Rose will be paid to Bowelbabe Fund for Cancer Research UK.

Add this rose for a peaceful balance in the garden, achieving a wild, yet regal, look. And because it’s free flowering, this is great for mass planting. The hybrid tea-like clusters of smoky orange flowers, with tinges of pink, smoulder in borders, pots, and containers. This creates the same appeal as a cosy lit fire, as you add warm and welcoming corners to your garden. Once again, instilling the space with a sense of relaxation and living up to its name, and role, as Peacekeeper. 

Rose Simple life 

Simple by name and simple by nature, this rose seamlessly fulfils the role of a classic, glamorous, repeat-flowering wild rose. Its single flowers are delicate. With petals that look as if they’ve been dusted with a baby pink. These allow the beautiful anthers of bronze and gold to pop. This rose is available as a climber, and it does a sensational job when training on frames to add height and interest. 

Rose Gemma

If you’re looking for something even more unique, take a look at the bright, bold, and beautiful Rose Gemma. This showstopper is sure to add pops of fuchsia to your garden, from spring to the early frosts. The Rose Gemma’s plump buds open to brimming blooms, which consist of up to forty petals. This makes them a real treat when they flower. Why not have it on repeat? Plus, you’ll also benefit from the attractive dark, leathery foliage which not only forms the perfect backdrop, but helps the rose to stay healthy and reliable. 

Rose Lemon couture 

There’s nothing sour about the Rose Lemon Couture. Its masses of dense blooms create wonderful displays of lemony-jasmine petals that compliment its delicate fragrance. This is a great choice for those garden borders that don’t get much light. You can, effectively, brighten up your garden, as you grow your own slice of zesty sunshine with Rose Lemon Couture. 

Rose Chawton Cottage 

For those looking to add a touch of Austean class, consider the quintessential beauty: Rose Chawton Cottage. Each bloom boasts a soft, pearl pink, which graduates into a rich, ruby centre. And this is dappled with golden stamens. This one is sure to please any beholder and enchant the most demanding of gardeners. Recreate the delicate beauty of Jane Austen’s own, original cottage garden, by adding this supreme bloom to pots and containers, the front of properties, or even climbing up walls and fences. Plus, for every rose sold, Harkness donates £2.50 to Jane Austen’s House!

Rose Bridge of Sighs 

There will only be sighs of admiration for this bloom! With semi-double flowers, this rose offers the perfect size clusters with a long-lasting impact. Perfect for those looking for a variation of the typical red and pink roses, this bloom ranges from a deep amber to a pastel apricot. This is a climbing rose. It’s perfect for training around arches and walls that you walk past often. After all, you won’t want to miss out on its gorgeous fragrance. You can also grow this rose in a large pot, just make sure that you feed and water it on a regular basis. 

Rose High hopes

You’d be right to have high hopes for this rose. A delightful combination of blush pink and salmon undertones, this rose is something special. Classic in structure, you can infuse your garden with a delicate scent and look. Each petal knows its place. This creates a bud for the books, with high centres and perfect form. 

To encourage your roses to flower over such a long period, you will need to deadhead the old flowers as they start to go over. Keep them well-watered and fed throughout the growing period! This makes them excellent value for money, whilst adding great ornamental value to your garden, especially when you choose Harkness Roses.