RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023 and the remarkable roses we launched

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is known as one of the globe’s pinnacle events for horticulturalists, plant buyers, and just about anyone who loves the great outdoors!

Organised and hosted by the Royal Horticultural Society, the RHS, this show is held at the site of the Royal Chelsea Hospital, in London.

Thousands of visitors are attracted each year, with the 2023 edition, which took place towards the end of May, being as popular as ever.

Some recurring highlights include show gardens, floral displays, horticultural products, and even informative lectures.

At the 2023 show, countless garden displays drew the crowds, the ‘Black Jack’ Agapanthus was crowned ‘plant of the year’, and there was even a visit from the Princess of Wales – although, what really grabbed our attention was the incredible selection of roses that were introduced during proceedings.

The Chelsea Flower Show is the ideal place to launch new rose varieties into the limelight, for the whole horticultural world to see.

To mark the 2023 show, Harkness Roses introduced five brand new roses to the market, each of which is as delightful and show-stopping as the last.

The Menopause Charity Rose

Few flowers deserve to be described as ‘enchanting’ as much as ‘The Menopause Charity’ rose.

Boasting up to 60 light candy pink petals when in bloom, this repeat-flowering rose returns in richer tones as the summer weeks pass by.

A Floribunda variety, ‘Menopause Charity’ also releases a strong perfume to delight guests to any garden.

For each of these roses sold, we are pleased to donate £2.50 to The Menopause Charity, who help people experiencing the symptoms of menopause, by developing online support and live chat services.

Dr. Susan Michaelis

The second rose launched at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show was named after a former airline pilot who set up the ‘Lobular Moon Shot Project’ to raise awareness for Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer, a disease Dr Susan Michaelis was diagnosed with in 2013.  

This rose will delight the senses, as it gives off a subtle, yet spicy, perfume, while drawing the eye with scores of unfurling petals in a deep cerise pink.

The intense colouring of the blooming flower only stands out more, owing to its dense and dark green glossy foliage.

We are proud to donate £2.50 from each rose sold to The Institute of Cancer Research, in London, to support the lobular breast cancer research fund.

Sense and Sensibility

A sure-fire crowd-pleaser, whether displayed in front of thousands at Chelsea Flower Show, or sprawling up your garden wall.

‘Sense and Sensibility’ is part of the incredibly impressive Jane Austen Collection and draws its name from one of the famed novelist’s best-known books.  

As a climbing rose, this variety is bursting with personality and will look fabulous wherever it is planted, with blush pink buds bursting out from densely packed leaves in the spring.

Moving into summer, the buds pop open to form pearly white flowers with an overlapping show of petals and playful yellow stamens, which seem to dance in the middle of the head.

Rosemary Day

Another standout performer that would look right at home in any garden is ‘Rosemary Day’, which stops people in their tracks to gaze upon its beauty.

Displaying encapsulating scarlet shaded petals, this climbing rose is not one for sitting in the background.

The petals curl inwards as they bloom, revealing intriguing markings on each – with splashes and stripes of scarlet, carmine, and silver.

As a climbing rose, this variety looks so good when sprawled over an archway, or up a wall.

Margarette Golding

Only in your imagination could you picture a more perfect buttercup yellow rose.

The blooming beauty emanating from this rose is breathtaking and really does need to be seen to be fully understood.  

‘Margarette Golding’ has already developed a reputation as a strong rose, with mid-green glossy foliage sitting beneath delicately cupped flowers.

Get ready for next year!

If you did not get the chance to visit the 2023 Chelsea Flower Show, do not fret as we are already counting down the days to next year’s occasion.

The 2024 showcase is set to take place from Tuesday, May 21 until Saturday, May 25.