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The Harkness nursery had its origins in 1879 in Yorkshire, soon becoming well-known as a grower of top quality roses. It was 80 years later that Jack Harkness began breeding new varieties in Hitchin, determined to create new and ever-more beautiful roses. Today, Harkness Roses are known & grown world-wide; we believe their reliability, flowering performance and beauty are second to none.

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This online catalogue introduces an intriguing selection of the latest Harkness Roses, and presents a diverse range of varieties that we believe are the best roses currently available for garden use.

For over 135 years Harkness Roses have been ever-present in Britain's gardens. A look back at the sum of experience gained during the period reveals a great many useful lessons, still relevant today. It would be a pity not to put this resource of knowledge to good use.

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One thing that hasn't changed is the reason for buying from specialist nurseries, which is as valid now as it was 135 years ago. The reason is simply that there is no replacement for expert knowledge. Top-quality nursery-fresh stock, reliable service and after-sales guarantee add weight to the argument. And it's worth bearing in mind that the best varieties don't appear in general outlets until years after introduction, if at all.

Having fun with roses - or with gardening in general - no longer means what it meant when we began growing roses in 1879. Waiting patiently for things to happen is no longer the order of the day. Anyone looking for instant results can easily obtain them by ordering roses in flower for summer delivery. But it isn't only instant results, it's also reliability that's required.

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'Reliability' means high performance in return for little effort, it means planting roses and seeing them flower beautifully even if you're not an expert, and it means getting value for money. It's what today's gardener expects, and it's what the best new roses aim to deliver. That's why it's important to keep up with the new varieties, just as it's important to move with the times in many walks of life.

We offer our friendly greetings to those who are considering some Harkness roses in their dream of a better garden; and we offer as always a warm welcome to our regular enthusiasts, without whom our lives would be the duller.

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