How will your rose look when you receive it

Depending on the time of year you purchase your potted rose, it may look very different to what you expect. Customers that know roses understand this, but if you are new to roses it is good to understand how your rose will arrive.

Image is particularly important when you are sending a rose as a gift.

January to March

Roses purchased in this time will have no leaves and will have been pruned properly to promote the new seasons growth. Pruning is an important part of the growth cycle of your rose.

April to May

Roses bought at this time will be sprouting just like other plants. Leaves will be apparent and will be starting their growth cycle from this point onwards. Some varieties will take longer than others depending on their flowering cycle. They may look a little more sparse than the image below.

June to September

Roses bought during this period will mainly have lush foliage and be in bud or flower depending on the variety you are purchasing. This is what many customers expect to see when they buy a potted rose. It could be full of blooms already but will be trimmed to fit into the packaging.

October to December

Roses purchased in this time frame will be pruned finely. You can also purchase bare root roses at this time of year. They are dormant looking plants but once planted will root and blossom as they should.

bare root

Bare roots are still healthy yet dormant plants. They don’t need to be planted straight away but they do need care. Even when roses are gifted, the expectation is they are a vibrant bud endowed plant, but the lifecycle of a rose throughout the year is important to note.

In summer they will light up your garden year after year, but like children you will need to nurture them during the early part of their lifecycle. If you are looking for inspiration on which rose to buy, browse our range here.