The Masterpiece Collection®

The Harkness Rose Masterpiece Collection ® is a harmonious blend of modern and traditional roses that showcase the very best of British rose breeding.

Founded upon 140 years heritage, the collection encompasses more than 200 varieties of the finest roses from our dedicated breeding programme. With their exquisite beauty, superb fragrance and award-winning quality, Harkness Roses are world renowned for producing reliable cultivars, as well as classic old roses, that will flourish in any garden.

The Masterpiece Collection comprises an excellent selection of roses from modern hybrid teas to traditional old garden roses derived from our dedicated breeding programme, led by our rose expert Philip Harkness. We are proud to offer this fantastic range of roses online and in stores across the country.

Every year The Harkness Rose Company have a range of new varieties available for naming from our extensive breeding and research programme.

You may not realise, but it takes seven or eight years to breed and test a new variety. We only introduce those that we believe to be worthy of a place in our listing and our customers’ gardens. 

All the trials we carry out on new roses are in a hostile environment for the plants, where we give no protection from disease. Only the most robust rose varieties will flourish and make it through our rigorous regime.

We want to develop new varieties that bring joy to the buying public. Roses should be beautiful, fragrant and easy to grow. It is our job to develop new roses that people want to have in their garden. 

This year we have launched several high-profile roses that have captivated the nation, including the Duke of Edinburgh Rose and the Dame Deborah James Rose. Keep your eye out for our new launches and you can shop The Masterpiece Collection ® here. There is sure to be a climbing, shrub, bush or patio rose that will catch your eye and take pride of place in your garden.