What to feed your roses

As roses are hungry plants, it is good to give them a range of nutrients (a variety of different feeds). There are no fixed rules, but planting in a soil containing some well rotted manure is a great starting point. Using Top Rose in early March gives them a good all round feed to help them spring into action. Chicken pelleted manure is also good to use occasionally. A liquid feed or a foliar is great in the summer time as it gets into the plants system quickly. Ideal for when they need it more instantly.

We recommend using Uncle Toms Rose Tonic as a foliar feed every few weeks, which also helps to prevent downy mildew. Just as the buds are developing, a high potassium feed is beneficial - Tomorite® is a good choice. If roses are planted in containers, a slow release feed in the compost is good.

For our Chelsea show plants, we have them two liquid feeds, one balanced and one high in potassium, along with regular applications of invigorator!

We hope this helps give you a better insight into what to feed your roses and see them flourish!


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