Ordering and Care of Pot Grown Roses

Harkness supply top quality pot grown roses

Our Pot Grown Roses are growing in 3.5 litre pots in compost specially formulated for roses, fed by slow-release fertiliser that will last the current season.

The amount of growth on the roses will vary at different times of year.

Pot grown roses will be freshly potted from November to February.

They will have new shoots beginning in March and April.

They will be in leaf and then buds May and June.

They will be in flower June and July.

We try to stagger the flowering time so that we can make deliveries in bloom throughout the Summer from Mid June to late September, but nature (and unpredictable demand from customers) make it difficult to get this 100% right. In Summer if the plants are not in flower they will be coming into bud and be in flower in your garden shortly.

How To Order

Order at Any Time

Order during Office Hours (09.00 to 17.00 Monday to Friday)

Despatch Information for Pot Grown Roses

Delivery is available to UK Mainland Only.
Delivery Charge - For any quantity of Pot Grown Rose plants: £7.95

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Choosing a Delivery Date

Due to transit times varying between 24 and 48 hours, we can no longer guarantee delivery dates for outlying areas of U.K. (best to allow a day or two in advance). Nonetheless the courier normally delivers on the requested date, but no courier is perfect. We can usually deliver at short notice if you ask nicely! Delivery days can be Tuesdays to Fridays (see below).

Delivery Days are Tuesdays to Fridays inclusive.

We despatch on Mondays to Thursdays for our courier to deliver on Tuesdays to Fridays. For outlying areas of U.K. Mainland we despatch Monday to Wednesday as they often take 48 hours to deliver.

This despatch pattern is to give the plants the minimum time in transit. While they are growing living plants it is unpleasant for them to spend excessive time in a warehouse, shut away from light in a dark box. Our intention is to avoid the plants spending a weekend in a warehouse or roasting in the back of a couriers lorry on a sunny Summer Sunday.

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