Shrub Roses

Potted Shrub Roses in the Harkness range are mostly modern Shrub Roses. We concentrate on the more modern varieties as they tend to offer a much longer flowering period than many of the traditional old varieties, and in many cases are rather easier to grow successfully.

A shrub rose can have a flower with only five petals (known as single blooms), ten to fifteen petals (known as semi double blooms) or between twenty and one hundred petals (known as double blooms). The range is almost infinite when we look at flower shapes and structures. There really is something for everyone, and for the Bees if you go for the single or semi double blooms.

Our pot grown Shrub roses are best in hedges and borders, they can be specific Rose beds and borders or mixed with perennials or woody shrubs. They are also great for growing in containers and patio pots.